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Trees and Ice Storms: The Development of Ice Storm-Resistant Urban Tree Populations - Second Edition

"Planting a diverse urban forest that includes trees resistant to ice storms and performing regular tree maintenance to avoid or remove structural weaknesses will reduce damage caused by severe ice storms. Management plans for urban trees should incorporate information on the ice storm susceptibility of trees in order to: limit potential ice damage; to reduce hazards resulting from ice damage; and to restore urban tree populations following ice storms. Susceptibility ratings of species commonly planted in urban areas are presented in this publication for use in developing and maintaining healthy urban tree populations." [from Introduction] 2006 Second Edition Joint Publication of College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and the Office of Continuing Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

L.P. Werner, R.J. Hauer, J.O. Dawson
Date Published
November 2006
College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin
Stevens Point, WI
Publication Number
Joint Publication 06-1
Resource Format
Structure (tree), Urban Forest Management, Storms
Northeast, Eastern, National, North Central, Mid-Atlantic, Great Plains, Midwest
Ice storm, Ice storm, Structure, Structure
MW: F-BKLT-WI-06-001
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