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District of Columbia Stormwater (MS4) Tree Canopy Agreement

The letter of agreement between EPA and the District of Columbia for the use of tree canopy as a BMP for stormwater reduction.

Includes BMP activities that include the following green infrastruture components:

  • Tree Canopy - with annual planting and monitoring requirements
  • LID - Low Impact Development strategies
  • Rain Gardens - Installation of rain gardens and rain barrels
  • Green Roofs - Indicates that tax credits, inventory of current gov't building roof structures, and 2027 goal for 20%
G.S. Hawkins
Date Published
November 2007
District of Columbia, DDOE
Washington, DC (US)
MS4 Letter Agreement
Resource Format
Stormwater Management, Best Management Practices (BMPs)
District of Columbia
MS-4, MS-4
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